Navratri 2018

Happy Navratri 2018

Happy Navratri 2018 Images, Happy Navratri Images

Happy Navratri 2018 Images, Happy Navratri Images

Navratri 2018-Navratri is a famous and grand Hindu festival. This festival is no silent affair. It is a grand event, which is not only multi coloured but also is very lavish with a lot of rituals and ceremonies. Navratri is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Nine nights’. As the name says, this grand festival is celebrated for nine days. The merriments begin at least a week in advance. Not just the pomp and show but the massive arrangements also make it an extravagant occasion.

It is the most key events of the year for the devotees of Goddess Durga. Before the arrival of this festival, devotees clean their house and temple. They buy and set up a new Goddess Durga statue. They fast for complete nine days during the festival. They get up early in the morning and chant holy hymns, Slokas during worshipping Goddess. All the family members attend the rituals with full devotion. Usually, Navratri is celebrated by North Indians by worshipping the statues and images of Goddess Durga. Also, as symbolic portrayals of the goddess, pre-pubescent girls are worshiped. They are also pleased with gifts and tasty food items. In Bengal, the sights are taken over by splendid tents containing marvelous statues of the Goddess. In a festive mood, people visit these tents or pandals and worship the goddess.

Though it is celebrated all around India by Hindus but in some states such Gujrat and West Bengal, the celebration is at its peak. In Gujrat, people often do the Garba dance for showing their respect to the Goddess. It is a special dance that is performed with two sticks(dandiyas) and a partner. People often dance in a circle around the idol or the image of Devi. Navratri Images

Navratri 2018 Dates October

As it is a Hindu festival, hence it is celebrated as per Hindu calendar dates. These dates often differ from the Gregorian calendar dates that we normally use. Though, Navratri is observed five times in a year. Vasanta Navratri, Ashadha Navratri, Sharada Navratri, Pausha/Magha Navratri and the Magha Navratri are the five Navratri celebrated every year. But the most important and popular is Sharada Navratri. The main Navratri 2018 will begin from 10th October to 18th October 2018. The dates for complete Navratri 2018 are as follows.

Vasanta Navratri 2018 Dates: According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated during the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. In 2018, it will start from 18th of March and ends on 26th of March.

Ashada Navratri 2018: According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated during the Shukla Paksha of Ashada month. In 2018, it will start from 24th of June and ends on 3rd if July.

Sharada Navratri 2018 Dates: It is the most important among all of the Navratris. It is also referred as Maha Navratri (the Major Navratri). According to the Hindu calendar, it is observed in the month of Ashvin. It usually commences in starting of the winter season. In 2018, it will start from 10th of October and ends on 18th of October.

Pausha Navratri 2018: According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Pausha. In 2018, it will start from 17th of January and ends on 24th of January.

Magha Navratri 2018 Dates: According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Magha. In 2018, it will start from 28th of January and ends on 6th of February.

This festival is observed during the period of a year that portrays the immense change in the climatic and solar influence. As the goddess, Durga is a form of Shakti(power), so this might be the reason this festival is observed during such strong transition of climate.

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Navratri 2018

Navratri and Diwali are just around the corner and it’s high time to get ready for extensive shopping activities. There are few days still left for Diwali but it’s really high time as to gear up for celebrating Navratri. Navratri is more joyous because of the fact that celebration stretch over nine days apart from Diwali for just four or five days.

Meaning of Navratri

Navratri (Navratri 2018)really means nine lights and often denotes nine nights of great fun including dance, music with great scrumptious dishes including traditional rituals and pujas. It is really the perfect opportunity as to get together with family and friends thereby celebrating and having great fun. The main highlights of Navratri include shopping for colorful designer festive wear.

The festival is quite synonymous with gorgeous designer outfits having vibrant shades and the celebration is still not complete without having a glimpse of attractive and eye-catching Indian Designer Festive Wear Outfits. The festival has become a shopaholics dream because of the fact that it offers a chance to buy and flaunt nine different gorgeous outfits for the nine nights of celebrations. Women are adorned with dazzling sarees along with Designer Kameez, Lehenga Choli, Ghagra Choli, Designer Kurtis and even Designer Anarkali Suits.

The designer clothing’s are often being designed glamorous with attractive workmanship using sequins, zardozi, zari, resham embroidery and so on. The clothing’s are often spotted with eye-catching colors as like orange, pink, blue, yellow, green and even maroon ones. It is never the time as to shy away from bright colors but being adventurous enough to pick the best one as to get spotted in the crowd.

Navratri is often the most important festivals in India celebrated with huge fanfare across the length and breadth of the country. The festival is mainly celebrated as to worship Hindu goddess, Durga and meaning nine lights in Sanskrit. The festival often holds great significance in West Bengal and Gujarat states where the night-time celebrations include ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ dance.

Some of the popular gift ideas for Navratri 2018 include

Navratri Spiritual gifts

You could always choose scarf or even veil with image of goddess as to offer to holy goddess during the ceremony. Some of the other gift item includes a miniature umbrella that is decorated with sequins and colors on them. You could always gift silver or gold coin with the image of the goddess embossed on the coin. The coin should also have some kind of holy text inscriptions printed on them.

Navratri gift items for kids

Children have a flair for crackers. You could always buy some crackers and let them have fun by bursting them. But, just make sure that he older person is accompanying while bursting as to ensure safety and security. However, you can also choose a gift packet filled with assortment of chocolates would make an ideal gift item. You could always offer them some kind of traditional Indian garment to add a splash of color to their celebration.

Navratri 2018 Gift items for women

Jewelry has always been the most preferred choice while adorning a woman and taking care of her beauty. So, you can always get a beautiful jewelry piece for your beloved mother, wife, sweet sister or wonderful cousins.