Navratri Colors 2017

Navratri Colors 2017, Happy Navratri Colors 2017, Navratri Colors

Navratri Colours 2017

Happy Navratri Colors 2017

Navratri Colors 2017, Happy Navratri Colors 2017, Navratri Colors

Navratri Colors 2017, Happy Navratri Colors 2017, Navratri Colors

Navratri is a major Hindu Festival which is observed for nine nights. Navratri word is obtained from n of two words i.e. Nav which means nine and Ratri which means night in Sanskrit, therefore Navratri Festival means nine nights of celebration, throughout the festival nine different forms of Goddesses are worshiped by devotees to seek divine blessings. On this propitious festival, disciples worship nine forms of Goddess Shakti by chanting religious songs, dances and some observe Jaagans in which people awake for whole night and prayer goddesses by singing holy bhajans (songs) apart from this people also fast for all the nine days of Navratri. During Navratri, three main Goddesses i.e. Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are praised by devotees. The Navratri Festival comes two times a year one is recognized as Chaitra Navratri and the further is recognized as Sharad Navratri.

Chaitra Navratri starts on the first day of Hindu Lunar Calendar and it falls on March-April, this Navratri is also referred as Vasanta Navratri. Chaitra Navratri is mostly popular in northern states of India, in Andhra Pradesh it starts with Ugadi and in Maharashtra, it starts with Gudi Padwa. Sharad Navratri has major significance among both these Navratris, therefore, it is also referred as Maha Navratri and it falls in Lunar Calendar Month Ashwin in the english calendar it falls on months Septem-October. It is known as Sharad Navratri as it falls during Sharad Ritu. During this Navratri, nine avatars of Goddess Shakti are worshiped for nine days and the festivity culminates on the tenth day with Vijay Dashami or Dussehra.

Navratri Colors 2017/Navratri Colours 2017 September

According to some admired myths, disciples consider that Lord Shiva approved acquiescence to his wife Goddess Durga for observing her mother for nine days and during that period of time Goddess Durga destroyed devil Mahishasura. Consequently, Goddess Durga who is also known as Kali is symbolized as a depiction of Shakti – the ultimate vigor and it is also believed that Goddess Durga has perpetual celestial influence, which can by no means be formed or ruined. Navratri festival is commemorated with lots of passion and eagerness in several regions of India. Navratri is not merely a Garba Raas playing or doing Dandiya but it also includes the excitement about wearing different nine bright Navratri Colors/Navratri Colours on different days of Navratri these colors are worn to worship different Avatars of Goddess Durga. Women of Maharastra and Gujarat especially adorn themselves with nine diverse colors to allocate every day of Navratri and the colors are decided on the respective weekday as each week day is lined by one of the Navgraha or planets so consequently colors are allotted to each day. The tradition of wearing Navratri Colors is so admired in these states that well-known daily newspapers publish a separate article on nine different colors of Navratri before it begins. This year Chaitra Navratri will commence from 28th March to 5th April and Sharad Navratri will commence from 21st September to 29th September. Here is the list of nine different Navratri 2017 Colors which are supposed to be wear by different peoples during the nine days of celebration to rejoice the auspicious days of the beautiful Sharad Navratri Festival.
Navratri Colours 2017 September 21- Yellow
Navratri Colours 2017 September 22- Green
Navratri Colors 2017 September 23- Grey
September 24- Orange Navratri Colours 2017
September 25- White Navratri Colours 2017
September 26- Red Navratri Colors 2017
September 27- Royal Blue Navratri Colors 2017
September 28- Pink Navratri Colours 2017
September 29- Purple Navratri Colours 2017
So wear these beautiful shades of Happy Navratri 2017 Colours and celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and extend happiness all over to get the divine blessings of Goddesses to fulfill your wishes.

1st Day of Navratri 2017 – 21 September 2017 

2nd Day of Navratri 2017 – 22 September 2017

3rd Day of Navratri – 23 September 2017

4th Day of Navratri – 24 September 2017

5th Day of Navratri – 25 September 2017

6th Day of Navratri -26 September 2017

7th Day of Navratri – 27 September 2017

8th Day of Navratri -28 September 2017

9th Day of Navratri – 29 September 2017

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