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Happy Navratri Images Download

Happy Navratri Images Download

As the names states, Navratri is a festival celebrated over the 9 days. It is celebrated in the fall every year. It is a multi-day Hindu festival. It comes in autumn every year. There are many reasons of celebrating Navratri. But the most common reason is in the honor of divine feminine goddess Durga. It is said that goddess Durga comes to Earth for 9 days. It typically falls in the month of September and October. In east and north east, Navratri is celebrated as Durga Puja.

The festival is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar. Celebration includes stage decoration, enacting story etc. the nine days are major crop season as well. There are many competitions like pandal decoration, idol decoration. Lot pf prize money is to be won winning in the categories. The whole country drowns themselves in the mood of festivities and health competitiveness. Family and kids do pandal hopping and bond for festivities. There is a public celebration of classical and folk dances. The final day is also called Vijayadashimi or Dussehra. The idols are immersed in the water and that marks the end of the 9 days long festival. In some places, the statue is burnt with fireworks indicating the win over evil. The kids and everybody enjoys the fireworks. The festival also starts the preparation of the biggest festival, Diwali which lies exactly 15 days later. Navratri is celebrated throughout the country in one way or the other. Many people fast for 9 days in honor of the festival. People break their fast on the 9th day after offering their prayers. In eastern region, Durga puja starts with Mahalaya that falls 15 days before the actual ritual. The festive season starts with Mahalaya itself. Schools and colleges are closed for the time period.

Happy Navratri 2018

9 days long festival, 9 days of happiness, 9 days of bonding. That is what Navratri is in India. These 9 days all people come together and celebrate the divine goddess Durga Maa. Every part of india celebrates Navratri in their oen traditional way. Somewhere it is known as Durga puja, somewhere it is Sherawali. There are different stories for different region. But all celebrate one common thing i.e. win of good over evil. Everybody celebrates this festival in their own way. Most common practice is fasting. Many people fast on this auspicious occasion. They break their fast on the 9th day after offering their prayers. They hope for good blessings and wishful year ahead, Navratri holds a great importance in the Hindu culture. It is one of the biggest festival of the year. In eastern and the north-eastern part, Durga puja holds the biggest importance. The last five days of the festival marks the popular practice during Durga puja. Durga puja starts 15 days prior to the main festival. The cities drown in the festive mode. The next most significant day of celebration is the 6th day called Shashthi. On this day, the local community welcome the Goddess and the celebration is inaugurated. There is a healthy competition between all the communities regarding pandal decoration and idol decoration. Various prize money is given to the communities that have unique style. On this festival, we get to see many creativities that can amaze us to infinity. The city practically does not sleep for 5 days. Families and friends go pandal hoping which goes whole night. Everything is open for whole night. Even the transportation. Durga puja is the best way of reviving old relations and move away from enmity and become friends again. Durga puja not only brings people closer but also strengthen the bonds.


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Navratri Colours 2018 October 10- Yellow
Navratri Colours 2018 October 11- Green
Navratri Colours 2018 October 12- Grey
October 13- Orange Navratri Colours 2018
October 14- White Navratri Colours 2018
October 15- Red Navratri Colours 2018
October 16- Royal Blue Navratri Colors 2018
October 17- Pink Navratri Colours 2018
October 18- Purple Navratri Colours 2018

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